Berlin Boat Tour

After eating one of the best breakfasts of my life, we decided to walk off the 3, okay 5, ciabatta rolls each of us consumed (don’t judge), and head to the canal.

IMG_9888_2 IMG_9889

As we arrived we were greeted by a waterfront bar that served the most amazing grapefruit beer. Here’s the link in case you want to try it! We decided to take a boat tour around the city since walking wasn’t a popular option among the group. Big surprise.


What else would you do on a boat except take a selfie?? If only my eyes were open…

IMG_9903 IMG_9907  IMG_9919

The boat wound through the gorgeous river, and past the largest Mercedes logo I’ve ever seen, with the Berlin wall in front.


I found Berlin to be the perfect mix between historic and modern. You have the classic European architecture that everyone expects to see, but then there are buildings like this that are incredibly modern and somehow seamlessly blend into the city.


“Molecule Man”, a massive sculpture in the middle of the canal.


The most perfect canal front apartments I have ever laid eyes on. I’ll be accepting roommate applications immediately for anyone who wants to live here with me.


The story behind this plane is too cool: when West Berlin was cut off from provisions by the Soviets in an attempt for them to gain control over the area, this plane was used to fly into the area to provide the people with supplies and food to sustain them until the Berlin Blockade was over.


An interesting way to serve a hot dog….. We all had a debate over how this was supposed to be eaten, so any suggestions would be welcomed. IMG_9996

Ducking to avoid the (very) short bridges over the canal. Not that this happened to me, but in case you get close to a bridge and decide to stand up to get the woman’s attention holding a tray of ice cream, you will in fact get yelled at by the stern German captain.

IMG_0030 IMG_0036

The boat tour lasted 3.5 hours, and by the end we were famished. Yes, lounging in the sun is way more tiring than you think. I asked a local where to get authentic German food, and he suggested Altes Europa (Old Europe).


We arrived and it was exactly how I pictured a German cafe, old but somehow so cool at the same time.

IMG_0061 IMG_0062

IMG_0064 IMG_0063

He was spot on. I had the light as air meatballs with a tangy caper cream sauce, and possibly the creamiest mashed potatoes on earth. Probably my allowed fat intake for the year but well worth it.

IMG_0068   IMG_0072


Feeding each other just seemed right at the time.

Berlin so far has been incredible, there is nothing about this trip I would change. Berlin, you have stolen my heart!

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