Waking up in Berlin

Last night we arrived in Berlin at 2 am, and after 3 different train rides we blearily stumbled to our apartment in the center of the city. Designed to fit a family of 8, we hoped it it would comfortably fit the 10 of us, and it did.

old town appartments  - Berlin old town appartments  - Berlin

Unfortunately every one of the the plush 8 beds was taken within seconds of walking in the door, so I had to borrow a few photos from their website to show you.

old town appartments  - Berlin

This apartment couldn’t have been more perfect for a large group traveling together; I highly recommend it.

We managed to pry ourselves out of bed at 9, and head to the nearest cafe for my favorite part of every day, breakfast obviously. The group immediately recognized my panic at the idea of having a mediocre breakfast, so they allowed me to pick the place.



Cue Maison Courage, a tiny cafe in Metzer Strasse run by the cutest little German woman I have ever seen.  IMG_9838

As soon as I saw pasta happy hour I knew I made the right decision. Why don’t we have this in the US??


Creamy Irish coffee with a strawberry shortbread cookie to start the morning off right.


And German cidre: fruity, light, and crisp. Perfect for the morning.

IMG_9849 IMG_9850

I thought I couldn’t like this place more until this masterpiece showed up. Creamy scrambled eggs laced with chorizo, peppers, and dusted with paprika. Heaven in my mouth. The bread basket that I demolished by myself may have helped the situation as well.


I may or may not have ordered two entrees, and when these came I couldn’t have been more proud of my executive decision. Fluffy yet crisp German pancakes with apple compote and sour cream. These will definitely be recreated as soon as I get home.



This was the perfect way to start our first day here and fuel up before the boat tour we’re about to go to. If Berlin is half as good as breakfast I know I’m going to love it!


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