Monday Musts Episode 3

Happy Monday!! I’m posting this while cringe-watching The Bachelor, so apologies if the intro is a little short this week. I’m especially excited about #1 on this list and can’t wait to update you all on how my journaling journey goes. Tag me @haileywhiskedaway if you try and of these Monday Musts!

1. The Five Minute Journal


I’ve been craving some positivity and routine in my life, especially after this past year and I’ve heard a lot of benefits about journaling. I tried it on my own but had no idea what to write, so thankfully I stumbled across this one with incredible reviews. I rush ordered it on Amazon and started my first entry today.

There’s inspiring daily quotes, a format that’s easy to follow with both morning and night prompts, and science-based results. This would make an incredible gift to yourself or to a friend!

2. Spicy Saucy Cherry Tomato Pasta

spicy saucy cherry tomato pasta.png

I made this all the time in the summer and just made it again tonight for a quick and easy dinner! The cherry tomatoes add a sweetness and concentration of flavor that regular tomatoes don’t have, and the entire dish is basically 4 ingredients. It takes me about 20 minutes to make it and would be so good with some sauteed shrimp on top!

3. A Stylish and Inexpensive Bookcase

modern bookcase.png

4. The Best Ring Cleaner

This convenient and inexpensive pen cleans jewelry so well that there are 21,000 5-star reviews. The bristles can get in the most intricate jewelry setting and it polishes both the stone and the metal. I keep one in my purse and in my kitchen drawer. It’s a great gift for a newly-engaged friend!

5. St.Germain Elderflower Liquor

st germain.png

I’ve been using this in cocktails lately and love the floral flavor that this beautiful liquor imparts. My favorite way to use it is with gin, muddled cucumbers, fresh lemon, and a splash of soda water for a super refreshing spritz! Find it at your local liquor store, I get mine from ABC.

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