Monday Musts Episode 1

Hi friends! I’ve been thinking that I would start a weekly series called Monday Musts, which is essentially a list of my 5 favorite things that week. It might be anything from restaurants, to shoes, to home items (I’ve included all of the above in this post), and today is episode 1!

I’m excited to do this since there’s so many great things to share and I think this is a perfect forum to do so. Plus, I’ve been wanting to get back into blogging and this helps keep me accountable every week. Let me know what you think of this series idea in the comments!

1) Ruthie’s All Day

First up, my newest obsession. You’ve seen me post all about Ruthie’s on Instagram, and I feel so lucky that they chose Arlington as the spot for their all-day diner. They’re a mid-century modern style restaurant (you all know how much I love that) with gorgeous windows, a beautiful bar, and an open kitchen featuring a wood-fired stove.

Their brunch is my favorite- I’ve tried the massive fried chicken and biscuit, the pulled pork grit bowl, the brisket benedict, and the fried chicken cobb salad. All are incredible and go even better with an espresso martini or two. For dinner, start with the hushpuppies and then head over to the pick a protein and two sides section. The ribs are some of the best I’ve ever had and I love the fish sauce brussels. Overall, it’s DC-level dining in Arlington that we desperately needed!

2) Dear Frances Boots

dear frances cube boot.png

These were a big splurge for me, but I knew that I’d wear them constantly (and trust me when I say I have). I’m trying to work on building a capsule wardrobe with high-quality pieces that will last me forever and take less of a toll on the environment. I found Dear Frances on Instagram, fell in love with how classic yet modern their pieces are, and knew I needed the Cube boot.

I ordered them during their Black Friday sale and essentially haven’t taken them off since. They’re SO comfortable which is key since I had foot surgery a few years ago and think I’m way too young to be forced into orthopedic shoes. These feel great on my wide feet and I can walk a decent amount in them without any issues. I also got their combat boots for Christmas and they instantly make me feel cooler.

3) Chicken and Biscuits

image courtesy of The Chunky Chef

image courtesy of The Chunky Chef

With a fiance from Florida living in the DC winter, you have to find ways to make it less miserable. My solution here? Cozy comfort food. This recipe from The Chunky Chef is SO good and easy to make. My swaps would be to use a rotisserie chicken in lieu of cooking your own to save time and add flavor. I also use about a tablespoon of the Trader Joe’s 21 seasoning salute instead of the herbs listed in the recipe. It’s a winner for sure.

4) An Affordable Non-Stick Pan

nonstick pan.png

Rishil and I have been trying to find a good non-stick pan for so long, and many of you have DM’d me the same question. We wanted something without chemicals that didn’t break the bank, and this one from Amazon has been so great that we ended up getting a larger size too.

5) A Statement Paint Color


You all followed along through our refresh of Rishil’s office, and the question I got the most was from people dying to know what color we did his walls. It’s the most beautiful deep green called Salamander by Benjamin Moore, and we found it from a restaurant called Parc de Ville in Mosaic. Aside from having amazing food, they also have a gorgeous interior that features Salamander walls with brass accents.

We took a page from them and did Salamander around the entire office and brass framed prints on the focal wall. I’ll do a proper reveal soon, but wanted to give you all a sneak peek!

So there you have it, episode 1 of my Monday Musts! I’ll see you all back here next week!

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