Canoe, Atlanta

As many of you know, I am physically unable to resist a good brunch. Between the hours of 11 and 2, many of a restaurant’s typical lunch items tend to have a fried egg slipped on top and breakfast gets toughened up with bacon and fries. Not exactly additions that anyone would complain about!

So yesterday when Robbie and Lindsea took us to possibly the best brunch I’ve ever been to, I knew I had to share every detail with you guys. Calling it the best brunch I’ve had is a big statement, I know, but Canoe in Atlanta is jaw droppingly beautiful in every aspect.

You pull up to an unassuming and very crowded parking lot, and walk in to a vast restaurant designed with rich wood and massive windows that overlook the Chattahoochee River.


Our kind and well-versed waitress brought over a few horseradish flecked Bloody Mary’s and read us the specials, which clearly Robbie and I were very interested in.


If possible, try to sit by a window because these views are unparalleled.


Sorry, back to the food! We started out with smoked salmon on a crispy potato pancake with a dill cream sauce that was out of this world. The crisp potato offset the creaminess of the salmon perfectly and the dill and salmon is a classic combination.


Next up the basket of assorted scones and sticky buns. The scone closest to you is peaches and cream sprinkled with tons of sugar, and the other one is cranberry.

The only scones I’ve had before are dense and dry, but these were cloud-like and still warm from the oven. Spread with a little of the vanilla butter and it’s heaven….but just wait because it gets better!

IMG_1371 IMG_1372

Check. Out.These.Buns. This pecan sticky bun was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Sticky with caramel, crisp with toasted pecans, and so so buttery.



So, on to the main event. Robbie got this gorgeous duck and beef burger which was great, but the truffle parmesan fries it was served with were truly decadent.

Ever since the insane truffle toast I had in New York I’ve been obsessed with anything with the word truffle before it.


Lindsea got this incredible stack of brioche french toast stacked with cinnamon cream and drenched in pecan syrup and caramelized bananas. Total decadence.


Zack of course splurged for a dish with the most protein he could find, so in this case that translated to red wine braised filet and eggs with crispy potatoes, and a few green beans for color.


Now. I’m not even embarrassed to say that these pancakes rival some of my best snow day creations. They were 4 of the fluffiest cornmeal blueberry pancakes with maple-lavender syrup and key lime mascarpone.

The cornmeal added the perfect texture and crisp to the crust, the syrup was delicately floral and sweet, and the mascarpone was deliciously tart and creamy. I’ll definitely try and recreate these as soon as I get home!


^^^^Clearly pleased after that meal

IMG_1395 IMG_1396

After all that food you’re going to want to go walk it off outside and enjoy the immaculate landscape.

IMG_1397 IMG_1398 IMG_1399 IMG_1400

I know I’m biased since brunch is 100% my favorite meal, but if you’re ever anywhere near Atlanta please promise you’ll go. The pancakes were truly life changing, but don’t forget to make a reservation!

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  1. 3.11.15
    Lois said:

    Hailey…… once again you have outdone yourself. Photography, descriptions – the whole 9 yards!! cousin, Lois

    • 3.12.15
      haileywhiskedaway said:

      Thank you, you’re the best!! I think you may be beating Jeanne as my #1 fan <3