Healthy Cherry Banana ‘Ice Cream’ with Chewy Coconut-Date Granola

I need you all to ask yourselves a questions, and be honest. Have you ever wanted to have ice cream ...
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Mini Cheesecakes with a Strawberry Basil Compote

We're in the absolute heat of summer now, where ripe fruit and fresh, vibrant herbs are at their peak. I ...
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Cherry Tomato-Garlic Pasta and Dave Matthews Band

You've just read the title and are probably thinking "How in the world do those two magnificent things fit together??" ...
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Snickers Cupcakes

I'm gonna go ahead and say that these are the best cupcakes I've ever made. I know, that's a big ...
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Jaleo and Gambas al Ajillo

I flew in Saturday evening from Copenhagen and was whisked away (sorry, I had to) by my boyfriend, Zack, to ...
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Epic Grilled Cheeses

When you think of the ultimate comfort foods, what are the first things that come to mind? If you're thinking ...
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